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May 22 2017

#617: Fermi’s Paradox

Three people grapple with the question, “Are we alone?”

May 21 2017

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Yoshiki Takaya met with Steve Wang, Max Watanabe and others. Steve says in his Instagram: “The beginning of something wonderful when everyone is synchronized.” instagram.com/p/BULs4_xgx4b

May 19 2017

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May 17 2017

May 15 2017

#218: Act V

We devote this entire episode to one story: Over the course of six months, reporter and This American Life contributor Jack Hitt followed a group of inmates at a high-security prison as they rehearsed and staged a production of the last act—Act V—of Hamlet.

May 11 2017

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May 08 2017

#616: I Am Not A Pirate

To be, or not to be a pirate? This week, that is the question. Hold fast, mateys! We have stories about both historical and modern-day swashbucklers who loot, pillage, and question their choices.

May 03 2017

Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign

"Je länger man sich in dieses Buch vertieft, desto mehr erhält man den Eindruck, dass die Amerikaner vielleicht doch die klügsten Wähler der Welt sind. Denn irgendwie haben sie es richtig gespürt: Etwas stimmte nicht. Es sind zwei Dinge, die mich am meisten erschüttert haben. Erstens die Medien. Denn während wir fast jeden Tag ­darüber lasen, wie zerrüttet und unprofessionell die Kampagne von Trump angeblich sein sollte, erfuhren wir praktisch nichts vom organisierten Wahnsinn im Clinton-Lager. Was hier gestritten, entlassen, intrigiert, versagt, verbockt, übersehen und vertuscht wurde: Es ist ein Stoff für einen Roman, den kein Journalist für berichtenswert hielt."

Quelle: http://bazonline.ch/ausland/amerika/der-totalschaden/story/20276758

May 01 2017

#615: The Beginning of Now

Before Donald Trump started his presidential campaign in 2015, there was a congressional race that redefined what was possible in American politics. Steve Bannon and Breitbart News got involved in that race early, just like they later got deeply involved Donald Trump's race. On this week’s show: What happened in that campaign, what it made it work, and how we got to now.

April 27 2017

So you want back the white knights to save the damsel in distress?

April 25 2017

Zeigt wie geistig zurückgeblieben die Linken sind.
Danke fürs Teilen!

April 24 2017

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#583: It’ll Make Sense When You’re Older

At first, it’s super annoying, getting told it’ll make sense when you’re older. Then, when you’re a teenager, hard lessons are learned, despite your best efforts to be too cool to care. By the time you’re actually old, you know a bunch of stuff— and you’re desperate to hold onto it. You might even wonder HOW you know all the things you know. Hosted by Chana Joffe-Walt and featuring SNL’s Sasheer Zamata.
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