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June 26 2017

#534: A Not-So-Simple Majority

We take it for granted that the majority calls the shots. But in one NY school district, that idea — majority rules — has led to an all-out war. School board disputes are pretty common, but not like this one. This involves multimillion-dollar land deals, lawyers threatening to beat up parents, felony criminal charges, and the highest levels of state government. Meanwhile, the students are caught in the middle.

June 23 2017

War da der Zensor pinkeln?

June 21 2017

June 20 2017

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June 19 2017

#234: Say Anything

Does talking about it really help? Stories where it does, and stories where it doesn't, including a man who tried to battle his fears by listing them. He ended up with a list 138 items long.

June 14 2017

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June 12 2017

#618: Mr. Lie Detector

A polygraph operator and his strange journey. And other stories.
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June 08 2017

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Büroarbeit leicht gemacht
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June 07 2017

Deutschland auf einer Stufe mit Nordkorea, China und Türkei

Fuck Yea, wir haben die Bronzemedaille beim Zensieren bekommen:


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Why you shouldn't host anything on github

More fallout from identity politics in tech:

GitHub plans a conference. To avoid bias in selecting speakers, they use a blind selection process:

Submissions will be initially blind reviewed by a panel of GitHub employees from a range of departments and backgrounds. Speaker information will be used in any final reviews necessary to break ties and bring a balance to the speaking line-up. Final selections should be complete by June 6, 2017.

Unfortunately, this blind selection process produces ideologically unacceptable results:

Congratulations @Github for hosting an all male conference!

Youre right. This was a major mistake. Weve decided to postpone the conf until we can get our speaker line-up right.

So now the conference is postponed until they can introduce enough pro-diversity bias to meet their diversity quotas:

We published a list of speakers that does not reflect the standards to which we hold ourselves. We will be postponing this event until we can deliver a more diverse slate of speakers.

Steelman: Oh dear, our value of being unbiased is conflicting with our value of being diverse. We need to find a solution to this conflict.

TLDR: Github nazis privilege dumb speakers and crappy papers over good ones, just to keep their racial war going. 

Source: Reddit

June 05 2017

#246: My Pen Pal

Stories of very unusual pen pals, including a ten-year-old girl from Michigan who befriends Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega. A show from 2003 that we’re bringing back with news this week of Noriega’s death.

June 02 2017

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How to catch a programmer.
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